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Bolton Integrated Drug and Alcohol Services. (BIDAS)

Bolton has number of services that help support individuals or concerned others with drug or alcohol problems. Each service has a specialist remit and collectively they make up the whole service known as BIDAS.

The services consist of;

  • The Single Point of Access and Assessment – provided by Arch Initiatives
  • Medical Interventions Service – provided by St Martin’s Healthcare
  • Harm Minimisation Service – provided by Lifeline
  • Psychosocial Interventions Service – provided by Lifeline
  • Brief Interventions service – provided by Lifeline

Bolton Integrated Drug and Alcohol Services (BIDAS) aim to provide you with individualised support that meets your needs. We aim to work in partnership with each other and with you to help achieve your goals and aspirations. 

“BIDAS provides a seamless, integrated Drug and Alcohol service across Bolton enabling and empowering individuals and their families to achieve their full potential, positive outcomes and improved Health and Wellbeing”.

Single Point of Access and Assessment (SPAA)

Bolton has a Single Point of Access and Assessment (SPAA) for anyone who is concerned about drug and alcohol use; this maybe concerns about your own use or someone else’s.

We provide assessment, care management and  action planning  for those people who are over 18 and whose primary residence is in Bolton. The SPAA is based at 69-73 Manchester Road, Bolton BL2 1ES.

Brief Intervention Service

The Brief Intervention Service offers a package of group and one to one support for up to 12 weeks.

The service is designed for those who are not dependent on drugs or alcohol but caters  for the needs of those whose substance misuse maybe having a negative effect on their health or wellbeing.

The service also offers support for families or concerned others who may need support to cope with and understand someone else's drug or alcohol use.  

Harm Reduction Service

The Harm Reduction service aims to work with individuals and their families to help reduce the harm that drug or alcohol misuse may cause. We offer brief advice and information on how, if you choose to drink and take drugs, you can do so whilst minimising the risk of any harm.

Medical Interventions Service

The Medical Interventions service provide substitute prescribing, drug and alcohol detox prescribing, health screening, blood borne virus testing, immunisation and access to Hepatitis C treatment services.

Psychosocial Services

The Psychosocial Interventions Service offer Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Contingency Management and Brief Solution Focused Therapy.

Needle Exchange

A significant number of pharmacies in the Bolton area provide specific services in relation to drug treatment. They can also give you general advice about health issues related to drug use and can refer you into treatment if you ask them to do so. Your pharmacist can also offer advice, information and referral about alcohol issues.

Services for Young People

Some young people will, for a wide range of reasons, try a drug or drugs. Some may use them more than once or twice, and some of  young people may have or develop af problem with drugs or with alcohol.


If you have received treatment from any of the services and would like to leave feedback and rate the service you received then please do here.